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offers machines for all aspects of cable production

Welcome to the Cable Division website. As the leading provider for vulcanization technology, we offer you special solutions for production of siliconized and rubberized cables and wires.

With the perfect combination of hot air, infrared and microwave energy forms, we offer you innovative machine concepts for cost-effective and energy-saving production of your cables, wires and conductors.

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Series GWM 300


Unique Technology

The modular machine series 300 relies on a targeted energy input into the sheath of your cable or conductor. A mix of the forms of energy hot air, infrared technology and microwave gives your product exactly the form of energy for an efficient cross-linking process of your elastomer cables.

Consumption down - speed up

Using microwave technology that is ideally tailored to the product range, we achieve crosslinking of the sheath material such as silicone or rubber. This leads to a faster crosslinking reaction with lower energy requirements at the same time. For you, this means faster production speeds while reducing energy costs.


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You are interested in machine solutions for cable production. Then write us a short message indicating which products you produce or what challenges you have. We would be happy to provide you an individual system concept.

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Practical Research and Development

With our research and development department, we work on innovative solutions and process improvements. Through close cooperation with our customers, we develop tailor-made solutions together. Through the interaction of our know-how and experience with your expertise on the product, we make you even more successful.

Production and Assembly

Holistic mechanical engineering is a top priority for us. In addition to all construction and planning tasks, we manufacture the machines 100% ourselves and have modern machinery and excellently qualified employees. Everything from a single source and absolutely Made in Germany.

Customer Service

Our service and support is at your side with advice and action from the moment the machine is accepted on our premises. Whether virtually or in person on site. We offer you all-round support via an international network of service partners.

Long-term performance with

Long-term performance



Preventive maintenance

Always ready for use with our preventive maintenance concept. We would be happy to offer you a service concept tailored to your needs. Whether annual maintenance, preventive service or flat rates for services and parts. We have the right service model for every need.

Spare Parts

You need a spare part. The fastest way to send your request to our Support.

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Elastic profiles, mostly made of a rubber material, more and more also of silicone, are our daily companions, without us perceiving or even seeing them properly! But they play a key role in many applications: they seal windows and doors in our homes and cars, for example. They ensure that our environment remains comfortable, warm and dry. They are made of natural or synthetic rubber and must be vulcanized to be permanently elastic. Exactly this process is carried out in the vulcanization plants of GERLACH Maschinenbau.

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