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Gerlach has been developing and producing vulcanization systems for the continuous crosslinking of rubber and silicone since the 1970s. Gerlach has become the industry leader in the field of automotive door sealing systems. Today, Gerlach vulcanization systems are used in all areas of elastomer technology. Mainly in the endless strand, profile and hose processing, but also in the discontinuous cross-linking of elastomers. With our own research and development department, new approaches are developed to make the process of crosslinking more efficient, faster and safer. A mix of standardized and customer-specific solutions has developed through public funding projects, in cooperation with universities, but also through customer-specific development projects. Development, design, manufacture and after-sales service. Everything from a single source and 100% Made in Germany.
Gerlach’s headquarter is in Germany, approx. 30 km away from Düsseldorf.
Gerlach produces vulcanization and extrusion systems for elastomer technology. Energy sources are Hot air, infrared and microwave energy. In the field of rubber and silicones cross-linking, machines such as shock tunnels, infrared PreShocks, hot air tunnels, microwave systems, combined hot air microwave systems and cooling tunnels are used. Extruders, preparation and post-processing systems, as well as flock systems complete the range. Gerlach is thus a supplier of complete vulcanization lines for rubber and silicone applications.
Gerlach customers come from all sectors and areas of the industry. Many of our customers are the hidden champions because they often act as suppliers to other well-known manufacturers. Gerlach is often associated with automotive door seals. Hoses, seals for structural and civil engineering, erasers and countless applications from the areas of technical rubber goods are also part of our customers’ portfolios.
Research has many facets. Gerlach has its own research and development department for preliminary developments. In addition to his own research, Gerlach also works with various universities and conducts joint research on publicly funded projects. However, research also includes customer-specific projects in which new process technologies are developed through feasibility studies, process optimization is carried out and customer-specific solutions are developed.
Put simply, Gerlach is concerned with heating and cooling. In particular, everything revolves around the question of how do I bring a product up to processing temperature and how do I cool it down again. What is the right form of energy for the product, the process and the application. We don’t just limit ourselves to rubber and silicone. Wherever heat is required in the process, we can support you with our know-how.

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